BLT Collection


Elegant switches, dimmers, outlets, and USB connections form the foundation of the BLT collection of design finishing parts in Solid Surface Stone. The BLT collection exclusively utilizes high-quality built-in components from reputable brands. Customizable unique switches, dimmers, USB outlets, and power outlets can be tailored to provide the perfect details for your interior. See our brochure Collectie in Solid Surface Stone & our colorful design switches Confetti.

In addition to our fixed collection of design switches, USB outlets, and power outlets, we offer customization through BLT Custom-made. Think of unique patterns & colors in Solid Surface Stone, an eightfold power outlet, or, for instance, switchgear incorporated into a piece of furniture. For kitchens, we have developed Fynez: a customized baseboard or backsplash with integrated outlets in any desired color or pattern in Solid Surface Stone.


Bright Light is our minimalist design for well-known rotary dimmers. Bright Light is compatible with major brand rotary dimmers, allowing you to simply replace the finishing part.

Little Twist switches and dimmers have the same appearance, ensuring there’s no visible difference between your switch and dimmer. The buttons are available in nickel, polished brass (with nano-coating), and antique brass.

New Things features a distinctive button design – refined, sleek, and bold. Marble-patterned cover plates with rotary dimmers and switches in tone-on-tone or contrasting designs.

Confetti combines all Solid Surface Stone rotary dimmers and switches in vibrant colors with sleek white cover plates. Whether it’s a subtle or vivid statement, it’s all about the button!