BLT manufactures Solid Surface Stone finishing components for dimmers and switches from prominent brands such as Gira and Jung. Contemporary or classic finishing components made from Solid Surface Stone, featuring fully integrated power outlets and USB connections. Curious? Explore the new BLT Collection.


Switchgear developed from the perspective of an architect and end user in collaboration with experienced Dutch artisanal partners known for their commitment to quality. Be inspired by the BLT Collection and let the switch harmonize with your interior. Explore the brochure on the Collection in Solid Surface Stone and our vibrant Confetti brochure.



In addition to the extensive BLT Collection, we also offer customized solutions. Whether you prefer a six-fold power outlet or a different color or shape for the cover plate, we think along with you and are happy to manufacture it. Consider, for instance, a plinth above a countertop, seamlessly incorporating inconspicuously placed power outlets. Not only aesthetically pleasing but also hygienic.

‘The sky is the limit.’ With our years of experience, we confidently label ourselves as experts in sustainable switchgear, transforming every challenge into a Custom-made product. Let BLT switchgear & BLT Custom-made become an integral part of your design—a sustainable investment that aligns with circular construction.