BLT Custom-made


BLT excels in crafting custom-made Solid Surface creations. We typically use our preferred brand, KRION®, and also offer BLT Solid Surface finishing components in a variety of colors and designs from other well-known Solid Surface brands.

Whether you desire a 10-fold electrical outlet or seamlessly integrated wall sockets in the side panel of a kitchen island, BLT Custom-made incorporates electrical components into plates of any desired size.

Additionally, BLT Custom Made provides bespoke furniture with integrated USB connections and/or power outlets. We can also match the design of your furniture with the corresponding electrical components. Specifically for bathrooms, we offer water-resistant integrated outlets upon request. These can be seamlessly incorporated into custom-made Solid Surface sinks.

Especially for kitchens, BLT Custom Made has developed ‘Fynez’: the trim for above the countertop with integrated outlets, custom-made to fit. The Fynez Solid Surface trim can be seamlessly incorporated into the workspace, allowing for any desired length.

We recommend ordering the Fynez trim through a professional channel, such as an architect, interior designer, kitchen designer, installer, and/or interior builder.

Fynez replaces traditional tilework with a Solid Surface kitchen backsplash, extending up to a height of 75 cm,. In addition to integrated power outlets, USB connections or switches can also be seamlessly incorporated into the backsplash or trim.

Fynez is available in all Solid Surface colors and designs from reputable brands, with a thickness of 12 mm.

Make BLT Switchgear & BLT Custom Made an integral part of your design—a sustainable investment that aligns with circular construction practices.

A switch at eye level, harmonizing with your concept, serves as a connector, elevating your design to a higher level of quality.

Call or email us about the possibilities; we are happy to advise and inform you.