Confetti is the colorful BLT collection: a sleek design with colored buttons for dimming or switching on white cover plates. With Confetti colored design switches and dimmers, the focus is on the buttons; nine bright uni colors of the ‘Krion Colors+Series‘ provide pronounced color accents.

You can choose from four buttons. The two small buttons – Berlin and Paris – are available in both rotary dimmer and switch versions. The two larger buttons – London and Amsterdam – are available for rotary dimmers.


The fully integrated USB outlets and power outlets in the Solid Surface Stone cover plate enhance the modern rotary and toggle buttons. Curious about Confetti colored design switches and dimmers?

Download the Confetti Brochure  & view our BLT price list. You can also call or email us. If you prefer to visit to see and discuss the possibilities of Confetti, we welcome you – by appointment – at Keizersgracht.


The Solid Surface Stone cover plates are mounted on the built-in components with a strong magnetic attachment. This makes it easy to clean the plates, and they can be placed in the dishwasher, just like the buttons.

Confetti is not only colorful but also very practical.



The rotary dimmable versions of the Berlin, Paris, London, and Amsterdam buttons are compatible with the rotary dimmer built-in components from major brands like Gira, Jung, and Merten. The Berlin & Paris toggle buttons are compatible with Gira switch built-in components.

This way, we combine the best with the most beautiful.