Our story

Our story starts with a construction project for my home, where Kitty was both an architect and construction supervisor. Besides her spatial designs and impeccable construction guidance, Kitty has an eye for details. This was precisely what I (Anne), as an end-user, was looking for—everything finely tuned to perfection. After the initial project, several joint projects followed, and the coordinated details proved valuable not only to us but also as a sustainable investment.

Both I, as the end-user, and Kitty, as the architect, identified a significant gap in conventional switchgear. Unique switchgear that complements your interior style is scarce or falls short, usually lacking the right color and/or material. This led us to the idea of designing and developing it ourselves, recognizing that the right switches and outlets elevate your interior aesthetics and should be an integral part of your (re)construction.

Finding the right partner to produce the finishing components for us was challenging since implementing small changes was cumbersome and costly. Eventually, we purchased a CNC machine to optimize designs and became producers ourselves. While this provided valuable insights, it wasn’t our passion. After many detours, we found a great new partner in Databouw, who took over the production for us and currently collaborates on further development of our products.


Ons verhaal Kitty

Kitty van Riet

When people inquire about my profession, I always say, ‘I work in construction.’ I find ‘architect’ to be a grand term, bringing to mind figures like Berlage or Le Corbusier. However, I thoroughly enjoy designing; for me, it’s akin to meditation. Yet, ‘creating a good design’ constitutes only a small part of my profession. Most of my time is dedicated to the realization and execution of my designs. I believe that’s where I truly make a difference. Bringing a design to fruition is a distinct skill.

I love my profession immensely, always seeing solutions or identifying a particular absence. This is how the idea for BLT switchgear originated. It simply wasn’t there. Something as simple as a switch, typically at eye level, should be functional, sustainable, and beautiful!

ons verhaal Anne

Anne Ruigrok

“A registered accountant with a passion for design. My journey took me from consultancies through multinationals to owning my own consultancy and financial advisory firm. My business background helps us make important decisions. For example, to outsource the production of our finishing components to our Dutch partner, Databouw. This way, Bright Little Things can continue to develop, produce, and deliver to its heart’s content.

My dream: “Providing beautiful switches, dimmers, and wall outlets to all of the Netherlands. But also, expanding our horizons to other products that can be made more beautiful and better. Stylish charging stations for phones or toothbrushes? Why not!”