Little Twist

Classic design switches and dimmers, but with a twist. With the same toggle switch from this series, you can control or dim your lighting, and you won’t notice any difference.

The Little Twist switch works just as you’re used to, simply up and down.

The Little Twist dimmer operates differently from a rotary dimmer. Push the button down to increase or decrease the light until you release the button. Release the button at the desired light intensity. If you quickly press and release the button, the light turns on or off.

Get inspired from the brochure for Little Twist switchgear and view the price list. Alternatively, schedule a personal appointment to discuss the possibilities; we look forward to meeting you.

Little Twist classic switches and dimmers are compatible with Gira built-in components. These classic design switches and (pulse) dimmers are easy to install on existing flush-mounted boxes. The cover plates are attached to the built-in components with a magnet, which is convenient for both the installer and you.

The cover plates of Little Twist classic design switches are made of Solid Surface Stone. The buttons are available in polished brass [provided with a nano coating], antique brass, chrome, and nickel providing refined metal accents that match your door handle and/or faucet.

Little Twist – a classic design switch, but with a twist – for the unique connecting details in your interior.

Curious about the color and material combinations of Little Twist’s classic design switches? With the BLT configurator, you can customize your finishing components. If the right pattern or your specific color in Solid Surface Stone is not in our Little Twist collection, inquire about BLT Custom-made; explore many more possibilities!

In addition to dimming your lighting, you can also use the Little Twist pulse switch to control home automation components. Your home automation system combined with Little Twist classic design switches in Solid Surface Stone finishing components: ‘bright little things.’